Traditional Mexican Wedding Dresses

Traditional Mexican Wedding Dresses

About the Authentic and Traditional Mexican Wedding Dresses

For centuries, the Mexican women were getting married in the white and specially decorated Mexican peasant dress also known as the Boho dress, China Poblana, etc.

The design of the authentic Mexican wedding dress is very simple. It has short sleeves, lose fit and beautiful traditional Mexican embroidery.

Of course that is only the basic Mexican wedding dress that was used in the past. Nowadays there are many variations that you can choose from.

For example, your Mexican wedding dress can be somewhere in between the princess-like American wedding gown and the traditional Mexican peasant dress.

It all depends on your wedding budget. If you have money for the custom made wedding dress than you can really make your wedding dress unique, beautiful and Mexican at the same time.

If however, you are looking to rent your wedding dress than you should rent the one that you feel most beautiful and special in; and then you can add certain traditional Mexican accessories that would make your wedding dress Mexican.

Traditional Mexican Wedding Dresses

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