Traditions Of Mexican People

Traditions Of Mexican People

Interesting Traditions of Mexican People

Mexico has always been a very traditional country with very interesting and unique traditions.

For the last 50 years Mexican society is changing rapidly due to the globalization. However there are still many Mexican traditions that are alive and maintained by Mexicans across the Mexico and beyond.

Mexican Christmas Traditions

Christmas in Mexico is magical for more than one reason. First and foremost Mexicans are very religious people and, since great majority of Mexicans are Christians, Christmas is very special time for them.

Christmas, or to be more precise nine days before Christmas and Christmas day is the time when Mexicans spend time with their extended family and friends.

Starting on December 16th the ritual known as the Posada takes place in traditional Mexican homes and rural parts of Mexico.

The Posada is the enactment of seeking lodging by St. Joseph ad Virgin Mary just before the Jesus Christ is born. Each family in the neighborhood schedules a night for the Posada to be held at their homes.

Family members, friends, neighboring children and adults go around the neighborhood and ask for lodging in three different houses, however only the third one will allow them in. Once they are allowed in, the guests kneel around the nativity scene and together with the innkeepers pray the Rosary.

After the prayers are said, everybody sings traditional Mexican Christmas songs and the party begins.

Mexican Wedding Traditions

One of the most interesting traditions of Mexican people is the thirteen gold coins. On the wedding day the groom gives his bride-to-be 13 gold coins which represent all his material belongings.

By giving her these coins he is showing her how much he believes in her and that not only he loves her but is prepared to trust her with everything he has. In return, by accepting coins the bride is promising to take good care of her husband and all of his belongings.

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