Typical Mexican Food

Typical Mexican Food

What is Typical Mexican Food?

Mexican cuisine is very rich and diverse.

It is for this reason that in different areas of Mexico different food is popular. In other words there is typical food for every Mexican region.

Mexican cuisine can be divided into Northern, Southern, Central and ocean bordering Mexican states. Even though this categorization is robust, due to the much more complex and elaborated Mexican cuisine, it is practical and a good introduction to Mexican food.

Northern part of Mexico is famous for its red-meat production which is why beef and goat based dishes are the Northern Mexican cuisines trademark.

In some Northern Mexican towns that are close to the Mexican-United States border there is so called Tex-Mex food (Americanized Mexican food).

However important thing to note is that most of the Northern part of Mexico, as well as the rest of Mexico, is preparing food in a traditional Mexican way which is far more healthy than the way Mexican food is prepared in the U.S.

Typical Mexican food in the Southern Mexico is chicken and turkey. The south is also famous for its variety of spices and very special way of preparing the seafood; which is also the case with the Mexican states that border the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific Ocean.

Central Mexico is especially interesting for its exotic dishes such as the rattlesnake, iguanas, ant-eggs, spider monkey, roasted insects and many other kinds of ancient Aztec and Mayan foods.

A side from regional differences in food which is mostly due to the different geographical position and climate, there are many Mexican foods that are common and popular in entire Mexico. Some of them are: corn-based dishes, tortillas, salsas, Mexican rice, spices, freshly prepared vegetables, Mexican salads and so on.

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