Vintage Mexican Pottery

Vintage Mexican Pottery

Vintage Mexican Pottery - outstanding work of art

Mexican pottery has long and very proud history and is valued for its high quality clay and wonderful finishes. It is famous worldwide for its unique style and its natural beauty.

Traditionally every town and every village in Mexico has its own style of pottery. Some of them are still very interesting and their designs and finishes are just wonderful.

Each piece of Mexican pottery is distinctively original and it makes beautiful accent in any room. All Mexican pottery perfectly goes with Mexican furniture and its rustic touch.

When we talk about vintage Mexican pottery items, they are really amazing. They are not only sophisticated but quite innovative as well. Mexican pottery is generally considered to be vintage if it is from 25 to 75 years old.

There are several unique styles and designs specific to various region: Talavera, Tonala and Tlaquepaque, Barro Negro, Mata Ortiz, Casas Grandes. Each of them has a tradition of its own.

For example, the style of Oaxaca is quite distinctive and is known as barro negro pottery or black pottery. The clay found in this area is black and is perfect for producing unique black Mexican pottery.

Every item of black Mexican pottery is beautiful work of art for you to enjoy in your home. The black sheen of the black Mexican pottery is gorgeous and one of the most popular and collectible pieces made with black clay is the Chango Mezcalero or Mescal Monkey.

Mexican pottery dishes come in many different shapes and sizes. Often they are beautifully curved, and details on them are hand painted with many bright colors.

Mexican pottery dishes are not only designed for beauty and as decoration, they are also made for functionality. This makes Mexican pottery dishes a welcomed addition to any home.

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