What Does the Mexican Flag Symbolize

What Does the Mexican Flag Symbolize

Find out What Does the Mexican Flag Symbolize

Mexican flag symbolizes the greatest things of the Mexican people.

The Mexican flag consists of: three colors (green, white and red), and the Mexican Coat of Arms (the Mexican golden eagle perched upon a prickly pear cactus devouring a snake. The cactus is situated on a rock that rises above a lake).

Meaning of colors of Mexican flag changed over time: During the first Mexican Empire: GreenIndependence, WhiteReligion, RedUnion. First Mexican Republic: GreenHope, WhitePurity, RedReligion. Present Mexico: GreenHope, WhiteUnion, RedBlood of the Heroes.

The golden eagle on the Mexican flag represents the Mexican people; as the eagle is always prepared for the challenges and the combat so are the Mexican people.

The snake on the Mexican flag that the eagle is devouring represents all of the Mexican enemies.

The fact that the Mexican eagle is devouring the snake means that the Mexican people will always prevail over their enemies and that they would never surrender.

The cactus represents many Mexicos challenges however the eagle defiantly standing on them means that the Mexican people would always overcome any challenge no matter how difficult it might be.

The rock (the earth) and the water represent the Mexican origin and the Mexican land and sea, which are protected by the golden Mexican eagle (Mexican people).

The branch of oak and the laurel branches represent victory and the fallen heroes that have given their lives for Mexico.

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